Sunday, 30 October 2016

Earn Money From Short Link Sharing Tool

Earn money from short link sharing tool –

Hello reader , today i revel another trick to Earn money from short link sharing tool – this is really gonna new trick for so many newbies in blogging world. This trick is mostly use by all the pro blogger and internet marketer for shorting links and the most important thins is they are really earning good money with this tool. Its very easy i give all the easiest steps about how to do it and start earning good money. Let’s take a look on the introduction of that wonderful tool.

What Is Short Link Sharing Tool ?

In the center of Europe a wonderful team come together and create or introduced the latest and new Short link sharing tool that will give you the better opportunity to earn money online. The link shorter tools is connect with lots of advertisement companies all over the world which shows the advertisements in your link and give best payout. is the mediator between you and advertisers and give you a chance to earn money using there tool.

How to Go for Short Link Sharing Tool ?

Its very easy to go for that Short Link Sharing Tool you an use your google + or Facebook account amd make a new account with your geniune infromation. and earn money online with just shring your short links from anywhere on internet. Here are the Full Step-by-step process to go for your account.
  1. Go to 
  2. Click on START EARNING MONEY / JOIN Note : – You can also join with the help of your Google+ or Facebook acconut 
  3. Now your dashboard is live 
  4. Copy your url / link which you want to short and share 
  5. Paste that url / link at TEXTBOX [ Shorten URL and get paid ] 
  6. Click on shorten [ To short link ] 
  7. Short Link Sharing Tool short your link its look like [ ] 
  8. Just copy the code and share it anywhere you want to share [ LIKE Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website etc.
  9. When anyone click on your link you will get paid for it.
  10. All dane enjoy the sharing link

Short Link Sharing Tool Dashboard

Get access to your Short Link Sharing Tool dashboard just follow the below steps ….. > Login > Statistics > General > Dashboard

With the above steps you are come to your dashboard where you can see all the activities of your Short Link Sharing Tool. Here you see so many things which are listed below…
Link Shorten text box 2. Statistics 3. Graph 4. History of your shorten link 5. Share link

Short Link Sharing Tool Referrals Short Link Sharing Tool Referred is another wonderful technique from from where you can referrals link which help you to earn more money with Sharing your short link is not only the way to use you can also sand

invitation to new user. For each new user from your link you will earn 20% of their total earning. Follow the below steps to get your Referral link > Login > Statistics > Referral > Link provides two way of Referral link 1. Referral / Affiliation Referral Manually 2. Referral / Affiliation Referral Banner

Short Link Sharing Tool Withdraw

WITHDRAW EARNINGS is very popular site for link shorten and the active members will want to withdraw the money which they earn – in the process of your money from your profile is up to date according to the rules of site if your profile is not up to date fill all the fields and save it. The site only pays 10th day of each month with the minimum amount $5 with PayPal and $20 for Payoneer.

Final Verdicts This Earn money from short link sharing tool – is very important for all the blogger and marketer because they share so many links related to their blog or site with this tool they can share as well as earn money. Her I give all the important information or steps to work with Short Link Sharing Tool. So use that wonderful tool and enjoy sharing happy sharing.

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